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Search Engine & URL Scraping

What is Search Engine & URL Scraping?

Search engine and URL scraping uses a powerful computer to run targeted searches to major search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, AOL, YellowPages etc. URL scraping is the process of further scraping the URL’s that were found for additional data.


Your Audience is Online.

You Just Need To Know How To Locate Them

How do you locate a webpage to reach a person that owns a business that you don’t know exists, or that you aren’t sure how to search for? Rather, that you don’t have the time to search for? This is where Search Engine & URL Scraping come in

There are Over a Billion Websites on the Internet

That’s a lot of websites and businesses. Chances are, the businesses and individuals you are looking to connect with and do business with, are out there but you just haven’t figured out a time and cost-effective way of making those connections.

A single, or even multiple searches and keyword terms can only yield so many relevant results. Although search engines like google may display millions of results, but not all results are 100% relevant to your search keywords. This is where search engine scraping comes in…

We can scrape 10s or 100s of keywords with additional “sub-keyword” search terms.  Let me give you an example:

You run a search for Plumbing Companies and type in “Realtors in Los Angeles, CA” you will get a list of results(a pretty large list). However, you can also search for keywords within the text, description, or even in the URL and search for Realtors in Los Angeles, CA that also contain keywords in their websites such as “investor-friendly,” “fix and flip,” “home sale guarantee,” or specific neighborhoods within LA that they may specialize in such as “Agoura Hills,” or “Burbank.” The difference between searching for Realtors in Los Angeles and Searching for Realtors in Los Angeles with sub-keyword like “fix and flip” and “Burbank” will yield a much more specific result…. 


Now, consider doing that, on a much larger scale using a powerful computer and Search Engine Scraping Software that will yield thousands or tens of thousands of websites…

That’s where our service comes in…


But what Do I Do With Thousands of Webpage URL’s?

Nothing.. Yet Once our software has located those websites, it will then scrape further to locate contact pages (submission forms) as well as contact information from those pages.

What Information Can you Scrape?

In addition to the contact page URL’s for the relevant websites found based on the keyword searches, our system will provide:


What Platforms Can you Scrape?

Our software can scrape on most major Search Engines and Directories such as:

Search Engines

  • Google
  • Yahoo
  • Bing
  • AOL
  • Startpage
  • DuckDuckGo


  • Directories
  • Yellowpages
  • Yelp
  • BBB

Now What?

Now, you have an understanding of what our service provides, but how do you use the data and contact information for your business
Once you have the data, there are a few primary ways in which you can use it to create a targeted marketing campaign

Contact Form Marketing

This is a service we provide in which our software will actually not only locate but also submit your message through the contact forms we have located. This is 100% fully compliant form of marketing and is very effective because it ensures your message will reach the business owner’s inbox (contact forms generally do not go to spam, so long as your message is not too spammy or repetitive)

Email Marketing

Using the email list provided from the scraped pages, you can create a targeted Cold Email Marketing Campaign to the businesses you wish to provide services to.

Phone Call (Cold Calling or Broadcasting)

The tried and true method of picking up your phone, or uploading a list to a dialer or Broadcasting Software is always effective and will allow you to reach and/or send a message to a large list of contacts.

The Best Use Case

Contact Form Marketing + Email & Phone Call Follow Up

Why use just one tool if you have a complete toolbox? Creating a campaign that utilizes all 3 methods of marketing mentioned above creates a more well-rounded campaign that ensures highest contact rates, and overall conversion.

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