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Managed Lead Machine Service

Discover The Power Of Technology & Automation with The Lead Machine!

The Lead Machine is a done-for-you Marketing System & CRM that lives within your Gmail Inbox, and combines the power of a full Marketing & Sales Team WITHOUT Having To Hire An Actual Marketing & Sales Team!

Let Me Ask You This… How Many Hours and Thousands of Dollars Do You Spend Each Month to Generate a Qualified Seller Lead? What If you could get your TIME back, AND spend LESS money to generate Qualified Seller Leads?

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Why Do You Need to Apply for The Lead Machine System?

Simple… The Lead Machine system is a proprietary marketing, follow-up and CRM system that uses our proven marketing tools, methods, and scripts, to generate leads in ANY market. Because we value our customers, and are vested in their success, we limit the amount of users on our system within any one geographic territory. This is the “Secret Sauce” you have been looking for to elevate your business to the next level – It’s not for everyone, nor do we want it to be. WIth The Lead Machine, you WILL have the unfair advantage over your competition you deserve.

The Lear Machine gives investors, wholesalers and agents the power of a full sales & marketing department without having to hire and manage, or incur the expense of an actual sales & marketing department.

You can pick one of our monthly packages, or provide a budget and your desired target area and our team will deliver your leads directly to your inbox and app, through our proprietary CRM system!

We are the ONLY company that provides this type of managed marketing system and CRM.

WIth The Lead Machine, you will have the ability to scale you businesses and reach 6 or 7 figures a year without having to hire a single employee.

How We’re Different

  •  Stop Taking Courses:  Courses can be great, but they are not tied to the outcome like we are… Meaning, they only profit when you buy their course and can’t be held liable if their course doesn’t provide leads in your business. Which is why we are not a course, telling you “how” to scale your business. We help you do it!
  • Stop Buying Software: Stop buying unnecessary and expensive software We provide an easy-to-use CRM software system that we created, which works in your Gmail Inbox and makes our service simple to manage. Not to mention, we operate the many software systems that make this service so effective.
  • Stop Hiring Virtual Assistants: The right virtual assistant can be a huge asset to your business, but should not be the foundation of it. And although our team does everything for you virtually, we are actually long-term expert investors and tech/automation geeks that setup and operate on your behalf.

The Lead Machine provides all of the systems and tools above( and lots more) that are utilized by the top wholesaling companies in the US, as a Turnkey Solution, done for you, by a team of professionals, using technology, automation, and proven scripts and systems to generate motivated seller leads, delivered to you daily

Would You Rather Spend Your Time Perfecting Your Marketing & Lead Generation, or Is Your Time Best Spent Talking to & Meeting WIth Sellers, and Closing Deals?

Take a look at the below chart to see how The Lead Machine saves you TIME and Money


Your Time Is Valuable. It’s One of The Few Limited Resources We Have, and Once it’s spent, You Can’t Get it Back!

Whether you have a small or large business is large or small, as the CEO, Rainmaker, Deal Closer you are, your time is best spent talking with motivated sellers, setting appointments and closing deals, or listing homes. We built the Lead Machine for that exact reason, for our own business, and we found that it works faster, is easier to use, and much cheaper than what most investors can on their own. There really is no reason for you to spend your time or money trying to build what we’ve already created, so why try to re-invent the wheel, when you don’t have to?


Why Work WIth REI MACHINES & The Lead Machine?

Most investors, agents, and wholesalers who work with us already have some level of success, have systems setup, have teams, VA’s, cold callers, processes, etc… However, at the end of the day, that’s not always the answer and they see the value in the system we have built to streamline the process, create leverage, gain time, and save money.

The Process


1. Onboarding Process

We will help determine the amount of leads required to close the desired amount of deals per month based on your budget and territory. We do have a minimum of 10,000 leads per month, based on our experience, and results with our clients in various territories.

We will then begin to setup and integrate your marketing systems, and lead sources. We will connect any of your existing lead sources such as landing pages, websites, GMB listings, Facebook pages, etc, as well as connect to ours, to ensure no lead is missed, and is delivered directly to your Gmail CRM.

2. Generating Leads

The inner workings of The Lead Machine is a series of outbound, and inbound marketing, messages, opt ins (and outs), and more… This proven system creates reliable and predicable inbound leads month after month.


We will build a list together, ensuring we are targeting the best possible motivated sellers in your territory, and begin our marketing using our proven scripts, methods, and procedures, to filter out those who truly are not interested, and remain compliant with automated opt-out procedures, so the only leads delivered to you, are those who have gone through our step-by-step proprietary system and WANT to talk to you about selling their home. At this point, you will receive a lead, with voice recording directly in your Gmail CRM.


3. Lead Tracking and Management

Once the lead is entered into our Lead Machine CRM, you(and your team) will be in control.

You will be able to view not only where the lead came from, but will have a voice recording to refer to, 2 way messaging, lead management (hot, cold, follow up, appt set, under contract, closed, dead etc.

4. Lead Follow -Up

The Lead Machine system includes ) a robus Drip Sequence that includes text, rvm, email, and letters. Depending on the hotness level of the lead, you can choose to set them on a short, or long term Drip Campaign.


You can even work with our team to create your own disposition and drip sequences! The fortune is in the follow up, and the Lead Machine CRM system does all the follow up for you, allowing your leads to re-engage with you without having to lift a finger.

If You Are Ready to Automate Your Marketing & Create a Steady Stream of Motivated Sellers Directly to Your Inbox Every Day, APPLY NOW and Reseve Your Territory Today!

See What Some of Our Satisfied Customers Have to Say About The Lead Machine

I reached out to REI Machines after seeing The Lead Machine System because I wanted a turnkey solution to start generating leads for my wholesaling/Investing business. It’s been a couple weeks since signing up on the 10k/mo plan and I’m getting multiple “warm” leads per day. So far, I can’t say enough great things about REI Machines and The Lead Machine System!

William F

I am growing/scaling my real estate sales business and my wholesale/investment business single handedly through REI machines… The service provided by REI machines is unmatched by any other product/service in the industry… It has been a game changer for my business and creating the lifestyle I desired for my family and I.

Jon K

This system really is awesome. I was spending more each month trying to figure this out on my own, and just couldn’t get it all streamlined and producing leads, especially as a one man operation. Now, I’m getting consistent lead flow and have time back i didn’t have before. I definitely recommend.

Ryan S

Frequently Asked Questions

Below we have answered some of the most frequently asked questions about the Lead Machine System

Where do you get your lists/data?

We have our own data company, with access to proprietary and exclusive lists to market to. However, you are free to bring your own data lists! In our experience, most investors find our data source highly effective and rely on our data for quality leads.

What If I already have a team?

Many of our members came to us already having their own teams. While we are able to replace most of the sales and marketing, think of our service as an additional part of your business. It’s up to you to add our services, or replace part of your existing team or services. The biggest advantage with us, however, is that you gain leverage and time, and no longer have to hire, manage, fire, replace, repromend, motivate and oversee a team. We’ve got you covered!

Is there a commitment?

There are no long term commitments. This is a month-to-month program, however we suggest a minimum of 90 days to see the true potential of our system.

What's the difference between this system and other software?

Most software systems out there are good, if not great at what they do. However, We have built something unique, that you won’t find anywhere else — A custom CRM system that works out of your Gmail Inbox, along with a mobile App, that is very easy to use and extremely robust, with the ability to create custom integrations. Our software isn’t confusing, and requires a very short learning curve.

I'm just a beginner, do I need all this?

Actually, this is great for beginners, because it will save you a lot of time and money “learning” how to build and setup the proper systems. Additionally, you can do it yourself, eliminating the need to make multiple hires. Although, it does require a monthly investment and we do vet our applicants, to ensure that this is the right system for them. Some experience is preferred, but not necessary. Schedule a Call With Us to Learn More.

What are the costs involved?

Our sales page has 3 basic pricing packages, starting at $2k/mo. However, depending on your experience, market, desired lead intake, and budget, we will build custom plans for you. If you want to reserve an entire territory (meaning, no other investor can have access to our system in your territory) we charge a fee based on territory size, ranging from $2500-$5k/year.

How Do I Know If This is RIght For ME?

Who This Is For
The Lead Machine is for investors who:

  • Are serious, committed, currently marketing for motivated sellers in their markets, and want to leverage and scale their business
  • Investors and Agents that recognize the benefit of leverage, to help scale their business, increase revenue, decrease overhead, and focus on what they do best – closing deals.
  • Investors and Agents who understand how to and are not scared to speak with motivated sellers
  • Investors and Agents who want to CLOSE MORE DEALS!

Who This Isn’t For:

  • Investors and agents who are new to Real Estate Investing. If you have never done a deal before, and haven’t had experience marketing to and speaking with motivated sellers, this might not be for you. However, If this is you and you feel this is a good fit, and have the ability to commit to our system and the confidence and ability to close deals, please feel free to apply!
  • Investors and Agents with minimal or zero marketing budget. You must be able and willing to invest in order to realize a return.
  • People who feel like if they aren’t doing it themselves, then it’s not being done right, or need to oversee and micromanage every aspect of the business in order to succeed. The whole point of our system is to eliminate the need for this, so you get your time back and can close more deals!
  • Lastly, this is NOT for people who hate money and closing more deals.
Who This Isn't For?

The Lead Machine is for investors who:

Are serious, committed, currently marketing for motivated sellers in their markets, and want to leverage and scale their business

Investors and Agents that recognize the benefit of leverage, to help scale their business, increase revenue, decrease overhead, and focus on what they do best – closing deals.

Investors and Agents who understand how to and are not scared to speak with motivated sellers

Investors and Agents who want to CLOSE MORE DEALS!

Are You Ready to Find Out If The Lead Machine Is A Good Fit For You?

The Lead Machine is a proprietary, territory based “done-for-you” marketing and lead generation system that was created to help Wholesalers, Investors, and Agents scale their business, create leverage, and increase sales and revenue

All You Have To Do Is Answer a few Short Questions To See If We’re a Match