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How To Find Wholesale Leads

find wholesale leads

By: Chris Lewis

Posted On: April 17, 2020


It’s not always easy to find wholesale deals. So here’s a list of ways you can find wholesale leads. Some methods used to find wholesale leads are easier than others, generally most people are pretty lazy, so you will have the edge over your competition when using the methods that require more effort.

Build Relationships

Build relationships with these people and they can likely provide you with all wholesale leads that no one else has access to.

  • Craigslist ad sellers: There’s a reason they are advertising on craigslist. Perhaps they cant afford to pay an agent’s commission, or they know the property isn’t retail ready. Call and find their motivation
  • Lawyers: Build relationships with and stay in touch with attorneys who handle divorce, estate and bankruptcy. They have clients who will need to sell houses.
  • CPAs: Similar to attorneys, CPAs have clients who may be in financial distress and might need to sell their property ASAP and is a great source to find wholesale leads.
  • Real Estate Agents:  Let your agent know what area, and type of house you are looking for. They are constantly on the MLS and talking to sellers, and could be a great resource for you to find wholesale leads, passively. They’ll be happy to refer motivated sellers to you as long as you cut them in a little piece of the action!
  • Title companies: Title companies are a great resource and can be a referral source for closings that fell through, for example. Those are motivated sellers, especially if they are in certain situations. This is a great way to find wholesale leads.
  • Mortgage brokers:  Lenders have clients who have tried to sell their home but have failed.  They’ll also know people who have tried to refinance, but couldn’t. These owners may be willing to sell at a discount and is another great way to find wholesale leads.
  • Referrals: Anybody can be a referral. Just hand out your business cards and let as many people as you can know that you are looking to find wholesale leads, and if they know any motivated sellers, to gie you  a call, and if you offer a finder’s fee, well that makes it even more likely to get a referral!
  • Mail Carriers: Your Mail Man (or woman) will know which houses on their routes are vacant or look distressed. Let them know what you are looking for and ask them to notify you if they come across any houses that you would be interested in.
  • Service Providers: Think about this –  Many services providers such as cleaning services, carpet cleaners, landscapers, plumbers, and other professional service providers know when a house is being cleaned or repaired to prepare it for sale and can be a great way to find wholesale leads.

Print Material

  • Sign Spinners: Have someone hold “We Buy Houses” signs at traffic intersections near neighborhoods you are interested in purchasing.
  • Flyers: Print up some flyers and keep them with you to post at random stores like coffee shops and grocery stores.
  • Direct mail: Create a list and send mail directly to potential motivated sellers. This is a tried and true method to find wholesale deals
  • Business cards: Cards are cheap, so print some up and hand them out as often as you can.
  • Magnetic signs and Vehicle Wraps: Your vehicle is a mobile billboard, use it accordingly.
  • Bandit and yard signs:  Although they are illegal in some areas, they can be a great resource to find wholesale leads, so check and see if your city allows them

LEAD LISTSWholesale LEads

Research, and build Lead Lists and reach out to the people on these lists to find wholesale deals:

There are many other ways to find wholesale leads such as online marketing, Ringless Voicemail, Voice Broadcast, and many more. Find what works best for you, and don’t rely on just one source to find wholesale leads, use a combination that fits your budget and gets you the best results!

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