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Guide For Choosing a Real Estate Investor CRM

real estate investor CRM

By: Chris Lewis

Posted On: April 19, 2020

The Guide for Choosing a Real Estate Investor CRM

Here are some key reasons why you should consider using a real estate investor CRM:

  1. Organization/Disorganization…Face it, we can all be disorganized. We’ve all been there at one point or another. When your leads are all over the place with nothing setup to keep track of them except spreadsheets, and post it notes, staying organized can be quite difficult.
  2. Makes following up simple and efficient
  3. You are sick of doing everything yourself, and/or your team is having difficulty with your current systems, or lack thereof.
  4. Technology is not your strong suit and you find it difficult to execute administrative tasks yourself
  5. You are having trouble tracking campaigns, and where leads are coming from

I’m sure you may agree to all of the above, but some tools can help more than others for each of these specific challenges, so you must isolate and prioritize exactly what you’re looking for and choose the system that best fixes those problems.

Important Factors when Choosing a Real Estate Investor CRM


Aside from being one of the most obvious factors in making a decision, you should factor in and weigh the benefits of using a real estate investor CRM in your overall budget, to determine what your ROI is/should be from utilizing an effective CRM. Does the price of the CRM reflect it’s value and provide an ROI to your business? Any tool or software you use for your business, should provide an ROI. So, don’t look at it as an expense, rather than an investment. However, don’t expect that the most expensive real estate Investor CRM will always provide the most ROI, just like you can’t expect that a cheaper one, isn’t good either.

Find a CRM with a simple pricing plan that also gives you access to all the features you need when choosing the right real estate investor CRM for your business. A lot of systems have “teaser” pricing, which doesn’t include all the features you really need, and you’ll eventually need to upgrade. So, be sure to research all the features you  need now, and what you might need down the line and see if you can find a CRM that fits your budget and offers a plan that includes all the features you need within your budget.

Team Members (Users):

It is likely that you have (or will have) a team, which means you will need the ability to have multiple users on the investor crm team memberssystem, and will likely want each user to have specific access to features within the CRM. Make sure that you can add (and remove) users at will, as well as delegate which user has access to certain features (i.e. billing, deleting leads, updating leads, accessing their leads only vs other team members’ leads, etc..)

Since this is a team business, you’ll want to make sure each of your team members can have their own account within your system.

CRM Reputation & Reviews:

It is always good to check the reputation and reviews when choosing a real estate investor CRM system for your buiness. Sometimes, the best CRM for your business is one that was referred to you by another person in your industry who has used it successfully. When deciding on a real estate investor CRM, think about where you heard about the system when you looked it up. Was irt recommended to you by someone you trust? Being able to speak to someone who has used it successfully is often one of the best ways of knowing if it is a good fit for your business.

Facebook Groups are a great source for referrals, as are you local meetups and REIA’s.

Customer Support:real estate investor crm customer support

Sometimes software malfunctions, other times users malfunction when using the software (aka user error) which is why it is important to work with a company that has prompt customer support. Make sure there is a simple and effective way to request support, such as live chat. This can be imperative when you are running a business and run into an issue.

The CRM software should have unlimited support, in addition to on-boarding support to help you learn the ins and outs of the system when getting switched over from your old system, or when starting to use a system for the first time.


Everyone operates their business differently, and have unique requirements, systems and processes. Therefore it is important to choose a real estate investor CRM that can be customized for you. The more you can customize a CRM system for your business, the easier it will be for you to operate, and the more effective it will be.


Technology is always advancing, and new software and systems are coming out all the time. This is important because there are likely other tools and software you use in your business, and will want to be able to integrate your CRM with them.

For example… You may want to integrate your CRM with Calendly, for setting appointments, or integrate with your Google Drive or Dropbox for storing files, or adding contacts from your CRM directly into your email campaign provider automatically, etc… Zapier is a great platform that allows for you to connect 1000’s of different software systems to create custom automation. Make sure your CRM allows for custom integrations, especially with a Zapier integration

Capturing Leads from Different Sources

You are likely using multiple marketing methods, so you want your investor CRM to be able to capture leads from all your different lead sources. The ability to capture all your inbound leads, from all sources, and funnel them into your real estate investor CRM automatically, is extremely important.

Make sure the CRM is able to capture all inbound leads including:


This pretty much sums up all the factors to consider when choosing a real estate investor CRM. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us or to learn more you can schedule a free consultation.

If you are looking for a real estate investor CRM built specifically for Investors and Wholesaling, check out THE LEAD MACHINE. It is a unique CRM system that works out of your Gmail inbox and was created by us, specifically for Investors and wholesalers.

Real Estate Investor CRM

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